Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From Couch to 5K

In the past, every time I've decided to start running, I go gung-ho and end up with a back injury that keeps me from reaching my goals. There is something about spring weather that makes me want to get out in it, so I started feeling antsy to start running again.

My friends are training for a half marathon, and I've been so inspired by their efforts. My first thought was to find a training program for that, but I knew that would be too much, too soon. So instead I decided to start really slowly and build my strength so I don't hurt myself again.

I found a training plan on-line called "From Couch to 5K." I love it! You only run three days a week, which is doable with my schedule, and it starts out really easy. It makes me feel like I can do this even though I've got so far to go to be in the shape I want to be. Starting slow like this is building confidence and doesn't overwhelm me.

I've got this weird thing about starting new diets or exercise plans. I panic and think, "I have to KEEP doing this." For some reason I feel confident with this plan and not afraid of taking it on. There is a local 5K race later in the spring that I'm excited about trying.

I was laughing because I've combined this running plan with the Netflix videos I'm doing on-line. One of my favorites is Self Magazine's Bikini Ready Fast workout. I was laughing as I thought that according to the promises of these two workout plans, I should be able to run three miles, in a bikini, within two months. Ha Ha! Watch out world....here comes Becky! : )

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday- Free Workout Videos

We are members of Netflix, and I just made a great discovery on their website. They have a feature called "Watch Instantly" where you can watch movies on your computer, and I found WORKOUT VIDEOS!! All of the "Watch Instantly" movies are free, and you can choose from seven pages of workout videos that include weight training, dance, Pilate's, kickboxing, etc. When you find the one you want to do, you just click "Play" and watch it from your computer. I just finished doing Self Magazine's Bikini Ready Fast workout. I really liked it even if I'm sceptical I'll ever be bikini ready. : )

I'm fortunate to have our big screen TV hooked up to a personal computer, so I can workout from there in the Family Room, but I've also put my laptop on top of our dresser and worked out in my bedroom.

The movies are older (approx. 2005 - 2006 range and older), but I like it because I get easily bored with a workout video, and I don't have to buy or rent these.

Works For Me! : )

This is the first WFMW I've done on my fitness blog. Welcome! If you'd like to see some of my other WFMW posts on my personal blog, Everyday Becky, you can click here.

Make sure you head back to Rocks in my Dryer for more tips.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Brainwashing : )

I've been a fan of Biggest Loser for awhile, but I always laugh when they have that cheesy moment when you know it is a commercial. Jillian or Bob will suddenly start talking to the contestants about the benefits of Cheerios or how they can make a 10 calorie sugar free Jello snack. I often wondered how much Jello or Cheerios or Jenni-O Turkey have to pay for their little plug.

But this time, one of the commercials actually worked on me. They kept talking about how chewing Extra Sugar Free gum would help you get through the three o'clock snack time. The other day I was waiting in line at Wal-Mart and there staring me in the face was a display of Extra Sugar Free gum. My first thought was, "Jillian likes peppermint." : )

So in a trance, I bought myself a pack. The crazy thing is, it is working! I can't believe how much help it is for me to chew the gum when I want to eat. It's my new secret weapon. : )

So here's my progress report:

- 22 pounds so far, 28 to go. Almost 1/2 way there. : )

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Focusing On the Prize

It feels good to be back at it. Dieting is painful and hard, but doing it feels good, too. It's like I've woken up and feel less dull. I don't know if that makes any sense at all. I guess when you are getting exercise and not overeating it does wake you up. I'm excited about getting to my goal and enjoying spring and summer in shape.

That reminds me of a quote I heard on the Dave Ramsey radio show last night:

Failures want pleasing methods, but successes want pleasing results

He meant it to apply to financial discipline, but I think it fits exactly with my fitness goals. I keep wishing I could make this easy but easy does not produce the results I want.

I'm still trying to figure out the proper calorie amount for a nursing mom who wants to lose weight. When I'm not nursing, 1200 is right for me to lose about 1.5 pounds a week. The websites I've read say 1500 -1800 for a breastfeeding mom, but that seems high. Guess I just need to keep experimenting to find the right number. I feel like I'm losing weight but our scale is broken so I'm not sure yet. I'll do a progress report on here as soon as I replace it.

So today I am going to focus on the results so I can remember why I'm telling myself no to the over indulgences. There is an old Weight Watchers saying that fits, too:

Nothing Tastes as Good as Thin Feels