Tuesday, February 24, 2009

From Couch to 5K

In the past, every time I've decided to start running, I go gung-ho and end up with a back injury that keeps me from reaching my goals. There is something about spring weather that makes me want to get out in it, so I started feeling antsy to start running again.

My friends are training for a half marathon, and I've been so inspired by their efforts. My first thought was to find a training program for that, but I knew that would be too much, too soon. So instead I decided to start really slowly and build my strength so I don't hurt myself again.

I found a training plan on-line called "From Couch to 5K." I love it! You only run three days a week, which is doable with my schedule, and it starts out really easy. It makes me feel like I can do this even though I've got so far to go to be in the shape I want to be. Starting slow like this is building confidence and doesn't overwhelm me.

I've got this weird thing about starting new diets or exercise plans. I panic and think, "I have to KEEP doing this." For some reason I feel confident with this plan and not afraid of taking it on. There is a local 5K race later in the spring that I'm excited about trying.

I was laughing because I've combined this running plan with the Netflix videos I'm doing on-line. One of my favorites is Self Magazine's Bikini Ready Fast workout. I was laughing as I thought that according to the promises of these two workout plans, I should be able to run three miles, in a bikini, within two months. Ha Ha! Watch out world....here comes Becky! : )

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Mrs. MK said...

I am trying the same thing....hoping to run in my first 5k race in April!!

You can do it! (though I still wouldn't reccomend a bikini!! :-)