Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Really Struggling

When I thought up the idea of Ten Pound Tuesday challenge, I was so excited about the possibilities. I imagined how we could encourage and inspire each other, and how much easier it would be to get those last 10 pounds off. Then I...and I don't know what happened. It certainly has turned into a CHALLENGE for me. Instead of being easier, it got harder.

October disappeared in a haze of sickness, and now it is November, and instead of losing 10 pounds I've gained two.

I'm not only struggling to lose weight, but struggling just to get the blog post up on Tuesday. I'm so sorry. I do have some thoughts for a post that I hope will be more inspiring than this whiny one. Thank you so much for being patient with me.

I really like the book I'm reading. I'll be back soon with a new post. How's it going for all of you? Challenging? Successful? This is a tough time of year on the willpower, isn't it?


Em said...

don't worry about it Becky. I really think the more you stress about it the worse you will do. Make it fun! Search for fun easy healthy recipes to make. If you have a favorite dessert, find a healthier way to make it! I think just doing that this last week has helped me out a little. I lost 1 lb. Hey, it's not 2 or 3, but I'll take 1!! I had to do something with all that Halloween candy floating around! :) Love you, keep your head up, and don't forget about the more important things in life that make you happy!

Crystal said...

Your body is recovering from a rough go with the flu, don't expect too much from it right out of the gate! You are doing amazing! Look at the journey, look at the long and bumpy road behind you- nowe look and see how GREAT you look!!! I think you need to reward yourself, say... 6pounds, at 6 pounds lost- treat yourself to something you really want (not food related) like a purse or pair of shoes, a romantic night out... :) I am treating myself with a Cancun trip at 10 pounds! 4 left to go!

Mrs. MK said...

Don't get discouraged, Becky! I am thinking of you and how far you've come this past year....and hoping that this coming year is the same for me.

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Hey Becky. I'm going to tell you some of the lies that I have been believing about myself for my entire adult, if not entire, life.
1. I will always be fat
2. I have to be skinny to be pretty
3. It's too late. I've wasted my life (this is most recent).
4. People will like me better if I'm thin.
5. I have no willpower
6. I like food too much to give it up.
7. I'll never keep it off so why bother.
8. The scale is how I should judge myself.
9. Pounds are everything
10. The faster I lose the better.

Ok. These are just a few. Lot's of them came to me the other day when I was, again, begging Jesus to help me with this problem. The thing that finally came to me was that I was listening to the enemy's lies. He wants me to be unhappy and unhealthy mentally and physically. Jesus told me that no it's never too late, I'm beautiful no matter what because He created me and I'm His and that I really don't need willpower, I need Him to lean on. Also, I just need to change my idea of eating. It's ok to enjoy food. He made it for us. I can do this as long as I don't obsess over it. He never wants us to obsess over anything but Him. He'll take care of it all.

So, I have been eating well and getting on my eliptical machine everyday. AS I'm exercising I tell Jesus thankyou that I can and thankyou that He reminded me about how important it is that I am healthy for my family and for His kingdom.

Becky, you are a beautiful person. I don't know what your situation is, why you feel the need to lose more weight or if you even need to. I am not saying this to discourage you at all. But just let Jesus decide for you if you need to do this. He'll let you know and He'll help you reach that goal. Don't stress over it. You've got a great body for a woman with 3 children. You look great.

So with that, I'm going to go eat my yummy weight watchers icecream bar and tell Jesus thankyou for all he's taught me this week and for His unwavering, unconditional love for me. NO matter what I weigh. Love you lots.