Monday, December 8, 2008

Stress Eating

I haven't been doing so well in the weight loss department these past two weeks. I was so proud of making it through the Thanksgiving holiday with a weight loss but something changed immediately afterward.

Maybe it was getting to the end of the book club. Maybe it was the onset of the Christmas season. All I know is I've been feeling really stressed out, and I don't know why and it is affecting my eating. The sugar has crept back in. I haven't been praying about it. I need to stop myself now and re-evaluate and get things back on track before I undo the good I've done over the past 6 weeks.

My goal was to lose 5 pounds before I head to Mom and Dad's for Christmas. I'm going to try to refocus and work harder so I can accomplish that goal. This is a hard time of year for losing weight, isn't it?

Mom is visiting and just made a big batch of an all veggie soup from Weight Watchers that I love. That should help get me eating better again.


Sally said...

The Holidays are so hard on diets. I haven't been eating well either. I haven't been eating much, but I'm eating a lot of sweets and candy because they are around. I realized that I haven't been praying about it since the book stopped either so I stopped last night and prayed. I am setting a goal of 50 lbs in 6 months. I will begin as soon as the doctor clears me to workout, I am also going to begin the book again at the same time. Hopefully with your mom there you and her can encourage each other. Good Luck!

Becky said...

Thanks, Sally! I'll be celebrating with you when you reach your goal. : )