Thursday, December 18, 2008

Travel Plans

The holiday season is proving to be tougher on my weight-loss goals than I expected. : ( I'm revising my plans from losing weight to making it through without gaining any weight.

I'm leaving Saturday to visit family for 10 days and I know the food that is waiting. Maintaining is going to be a real challenge without a plan.

Here's my plan:

1. As much movement as possible. There is a ton of snow where I'm headed, so getting outside with my kids for sledding, snowman building, etc. is on the agenda. I have been thinking a lot about how little time I spend outside.

2. Mom has a new treadmill set up in front of her big screen TV. I'm going to break it in for her. : )

3. Lots of water and veggies.

4. Enjoy treats in small serving sizes.

I'm going to focus on people and having a great time. I'll get back to the weight loss goals and blogging about my effort in January when I get home. My goal is to lose 35 more pounds by March 31, 2009. It's going to come quickly!

I was so excited about the Biggest Loser Finale. Way to go Michelle!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone! I'll be back on here in January ready to lose weight and get to the top of my mountain! : )

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Curvy Runner said...

Hi, here's the info on the elliptical for you! I ordered mine from Sears its called a Body Break. Around $600 I think. I can tell you I am definately getting my money out of it. I have been using it for just 2 weeks and i've already lost 2 inches from my waist! My endurance is also much improved. This model is approved for up to 300 lbs so you know it is sturdy. It took my husband and I about 35 minutes to put together. I hope this helps with your decision!