Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Mii is Chubby!

Well, I'm finally back on here. I did not mean for so many weeks to go by before I wrote again, but Christmas threw me for a loop!

We had a great trip, but all of the driving and being gone for 10 days was tough on our baby and he forgot how to sleep. The sleep deprivation just about killed me, and it took all this time to reteach him. He's sleeping like a champ again, and I feel ready to take on this fitness challenge again.

I haven't lost weight since Thanksgiving, but not gaining any over Christmas was a small victory for me.

I've wanted to get back at this for awhile, but honestly I have been fighting myself to make the commitment. Even this morning I had to fight to eat the right breakfast. I wanted to quit before I even began. I was like a little kid throwing a tantrum. "But I don't want to go on a diet!!!!!!" This is not going to be easy!

I've heard it said before that you won't change until it gets too painful to stay where you are. It just sucks to be overweight. I'm tired of not fitting into anything. I'm tired of feeling tired. I'm tired of being embarrassed about it and afraid I'm going to run into someone from my past and have them see the pregnancy chubbiness.

But it was the Mii that finally did it for me. : ) If you don't know what a Mii is let me explain-

My girls have been saving up to buy a Nintendo Wii for almost a year now. I'm so proud of them for this lesson in delayed gratification. They finally got there and Daddy set it all up for them yesterday. We all gathered in the Family Room to make our Mii. A Mii is a little cartoon figure of yourself that you get to customize. You pick all the features- face shape, hair color, eyes, shirt color, etc. I was holding the baby, so my husband was making mine for me. When you finish making your Mii, you can make it as tall or short, or skinny or fat as you want. As, I watched my husband, HE MADE MY MII CHUBBY!!!

When I protested, he said, "What? I made my own chubby, too. If I'm chubby, you have to be, too!"

Some people get their wake-up call from a photograph or clothes that won't fit. I'm going to lose weight so the virtual me on Wii can get skinnier, too!!! : )

Here I go! It's going to hurt, but it will be worth it. : )


Mrs. MK said...

So you didn't smack your hubby!??!! :-)

I am working really hard on this right now....and I know what you mean about not wanting to restrict anything!! "You mean, I have to eat less EVERYDAY? Not just once? awwww....."

You can do it!!!

Becky said...

No I didn't smack him. : ) He's so supportive and still loves me even when I'm chubby. He's just incurably honest. : )

Thanks for cheering me on. It helps to know you are suffering along with me. You know the whole misery loves company thing.

I'm right there with you- I don't want to have to do this everyday. Isn't one day enough????

You can do it too! When summer gets here we'll be so happy we did.