Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Many BLT's

I'm really excited about the progress I'm making. Another 10 pounds lost since May 30th for a total of 40 pounds! since September Yippee! This has been such a blessed journey this time around. I'm really thankful. I would like to lose 10 more before my baby's first birthday on August 14th.

I really miss running. I think I should be able to get back to running within the next week or two. I feel great after the minor surgery I had in May, but the doctor said to wait to run again. I'm not sure how I'll know I'm OK. I guess if nothing falls out while I'm running? Sorry if that is TMI. : )

The running I do should probably be called jogging since I'm not that fast. That time is so special to me. It is a time when nobody needs me. I can think and pray and daydream. Walking has been nice, too, but I need to start training for a 5 mile race I want to try in September.

I'm really pleased with my weight loss, but I've noticed that I've hit a plateau these last few weeks. I want to complain and say, "That's not fair! I'm eating so little, how can I not be losing weight?" Then I remember.

I remember all of the BLT's. No, not Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches. I mean all the Bites, Tastes, and Licks that don't count, right?

It is so easy to pretend that the bite of my kids' mac and cheese is free of calories, or the chunk off their granola bar, etc.

Once the BLT habit begins, it is a hard one to break. That's my focus for this week: NO BLT'S! : )

I'll check in later to report how I'm doing resisting those pesky BLT's.


Daiquiri said...

Despite the BLT''re looking really awesome.

A happy heart at home said...

I like BLT sandwiches, so the title of your post got my attention! LOL! I need to watch out for those BLTs, too, like the amount of ice cream I 'taste' as I prepare bowls for the family for dessert.


Crystal said...

The new pictures are amazing Becky! You look so great! I can't even remember the last time I saw you- well I think Luke's b-day, but anywho... YOU ARE DOING GREAT! You were meant to inspire, and you sure do!
PS- I saw a magnet the other day that read: "Nothing tastes as good as it feels to be skinny." hehe