Thursday, July 9, 2009

Confession Time

I've spent a lot of time talking about my successes lately. I think it is equally important to share my failures.

I just came home from my son's doctor appointment. He's been sick, his sisters have been sick, I feel sick. It was two hours past lunch time. Everyone was melting down. The door to door meat salesman was at the door.

I was hungry, grumpy, and stressed, and I cheated on my diet. I just started grabbing handfuls of cereal, bites of the zucchini bread I made for everyone else, then it turned into "just a little mugful of cereal" which had to be refilled three times. I finally decided I needed to stop myself, come over here and confess and then get out of the kitchen and back on track.

To be honest, I just want to give in to this binge. I want to, but I'm not going to do it. That's why I'm rambling on this blog right now, stopping myself. The old me wants to wait until tomorrow to get back to it, and to enjoy this mess up to the fullest extent. But the new me likes being the new me and wants to do things differently this time around.

So....I think I'll grab an apple, drink some water, and be done. The End. : )

By the way....

How many times do you have to tell the meat salesmen you don't want meat before they stop coming anyway? Seven times? Seventy times seven times?????

Told you I was grumpy.


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milissa said...

I just discovered your blog...and I know how you feel. I'm trying to live healthier too...I've lost a little weight, I have 12 more pounds to go to my goal...and it's tough. I'm happy with my successes...but I've had a few failures too. Just wanted to share a couple things that work for me, maybe they'll work for you...and since I haven't read your whole blog yet, if you already know this, please forgive me for the repeat.

When I start to fall off the diet wagon and I'm on the road to binging...(and it's not because I'm hungry) then I go brush my teeth. A really good teeth cleaning. Brush, floss, brush again, rinse with mouthwash. After you clean your teeth like that, makes it hard to eat anything.

And I look as my food choices like my bank account. Everything I eat is like making a deposit. If it's cookies, that is not a good investment. But that's okay, I can make a better investment tomorrow. It's not about perfection or being completely deprived of it's about not falling off the wagon and then running full steam in the wrong direction just because I fell off.

The good news is I am 110% committed to the exercise. The only area I struggle with is consistently making good food choices.

Sorry so long...hope this is I'm headed back to your blog...