Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Year Ago- Before and After

Yikes! How did a MONTH go by without an update?

Thanks Andi and Crystal for reminding me that I was neglecting my poor fitness blog! : ) School starts again on Monday. Fall is in the air, structure is returning to our life again, and I will be here on a much more regular basis.

As I look toward the first day of school, I'm reminded of where I was at in this fitness journey one year ago.

It was the first day of school 2008, and I was at the beginning...facing Mount Everest once again.

I was emerging from four years of loss and grief, and had given birth to a baby two weeks before someone caught me in this picture. I definitely wasn't posing for photos at the time. I never want to be there again.

Today, I am celebrating that this is the me who will be taking my girls to school this year:

But I am also praying, because I know I'm about to face the most difficult part of this journey of all- the lasting change part. I would like to lose between 10 - 15 pounds more and be done losing. I then enter into the part I've never learned how to do: maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and weight.

More posts to come soon!

Thanks for cheering me one!


45 pounds gone
15 to go
Goals: Learn maintenance and how to keep off the yo-yo diet trap. Learn how to have lasting change spiritually and physically.


Andi said...

Awesome post - you have come so far and I'm anxious for your back to heal so we can hit the P90X together!
I gained a lot of weight with our move back from Texas and the first year or so back. I've lost 30 pounds and want to lose about 15 more! I hope the new workout will do the trick!

Sally Jo said...

Glad to see another post. You have come a long way! The battle never ends, but it is so much better to battle it at the bottom 5 lbs. instead at the top of the 50 lb. nightmare. Keep it up, and enjoy every day while you do. Love, Mom