Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten Pound Tuesday- Inspiration Just in Time

I'm going to give myself a week of being back in the land of the living before I do a progress report.

It's funny- most people stop eating when they are sick. As usual, I turn to food for comfort when I don't feel well. I did it again this time. I kept thinking, This might settle my stomach or This will give me energy or This will just feel good to eat! Then when it doesn't work, and I still feel yucky, I try something else. Dumb. : )

So, I need another do-over. : )

Thankfully, my new book, The Dieter's Prayer Book by Heather Harpham Kopp, arrived just in time for the inspiration I need. So far, I'm really enjoying it and grateful for the insight.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite quotes and my thinking from the introduction with you:

Spiritual Transformation

Slowly I came to realize that I needed more than just information and determination to conquer my own weakness. I needed daily inspiration and help- and a power greater than my own inadequate will. (pg. 3)

If there is one thing I've learned over these past 13 months, it has been that I have met the enemy and it is me. Within myself I am not strong enough. I have an inadequate will and inadequate ability to deny my own cravings and weakness. Instead of needing another diet plan or another exercise routine, I needed to start at the heart level. At the spiritual level. I'm learning that everything stems from the condition of my heart. That's why I agree with this-

Ultimately, I believe the struggle to gain control of our eating habits and to accept our own body involves a spiritual transformation. (pg. 4)

If lasting change is my goal, I need to be aware of this and to remain aware of it because:

For those of us who live in a culture of plenty, convenience, and excess, eating can become a substitute for soul tending. (pg. 5)


Because none of us can stop eating altogether, the struggle to master our eating habits is ongoing- and always at risk of being derailed. (pg. 5)

Boy, I've proven that this month. Even after all of my success. Even after climbing so far up my personal Mt. Everest, the danger of avalanche is always there. I need a strength greater than myself to make it.

Does God Care About Dieting?

I'm really learning that He cares the most about the condition of my heart. Dieting draws me to where my heart is the healthiest:

With every hunger pang that has little to do with our stomach, God is calling us homeward, reminding us that He alone satisfies...As we do this, the same empty longing that makes us want to overeat will, if we let it, become a spiritual opportunity. (pg. 6)

Perhaps we think that these issues are too superficial, too vanity driven to merit a consciously tended conversation with our Creator...When we call on God to help us with our eating, we are not trivializing God's role in our daily life, but enlarging it. (pg. 7)

I'll share more later this week. I'm thankful I have this book to help me get my head, heart, and mind right so I can succeed.

I had a prayer request: Will you pray that I will get my strength back? I'm still feeling yucky, but it has been two weeks and I just don't want to keep laying around being sick. I want to get back to this and other goals in my life. Thank you!

How can I pray for you?

Let's share in the comments how things are going- you can share your success so we can celebrate with you and cheer you on, or you can be honest about challenges so we can pray or maybe even offer some ideas for solutions.

Hope you are all well!


Em said...

I'll keep you in my prayers for renewed strength and energry! I haven't been doing great. I haven't gained anything back, but I'm just not losing. It's the time of year for sweet things!! Candy, cookies, pies, you name it. I have a sweet tooth like no one else lol. I haven't had anything in the house really, but we've been on the run, and everywhere i turn there is something I want to eat! This last weekend I was gone for a scrapbooking weekend, and we sit, basically all day, eat junk, and scrapbook, so I not only ate lots of salty sweet foods, but I retained tons of water from just not moving as much as I usually do. Anyway, I'm just lacking motivation still, and trying to find a balance to caring about my dieting, and keeping up with my life! I'd really like to lose a couple more pounds before we head to California in a few weeks, so that's my short term goal!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky:

I will be praying for you. I appreciate what you wrote from your book and your thoughts. I really agree. I believe that is why I've lost the weight that I have lost, is with His help.

The last two weeks, I've only lost one pound, so I do need to get back on track as well. But yesterday, I found out that my mom has breast cancer. I'm holding to the Lord and trying my best not to "confort" eat. My mom is in Texas and I'm in England and right now that is a VERY long way. Please pray for her and for me.

We just have to hold to the Lord in everything - my mom's cancer and my eating habits. They are all important to Him.

The other Becky

Heidi said...

My update is that things are moving slowly when it comes to the weight loss area. I lost three pounds and then gained five pounds in the last two weeks! It must be those yummy halloween cookies that are oh so hard to resist!

I have consistently been on the move with appts, the kids stuff, misc. jobs and trying to workout. The busy schedule just doesn't seem to slow down at all, but I have to say I am enjoying it quite a bit. I think as long as I remember what is really important to me and am happy with that, that things will continue to move in that positive direction! :) I cannot imagine my life any different right now. I am actually excited to be on this weight loss journey. I remind myself that it will be a slow process and that it WILL happen! My heart and prayers are going out to you-" the other Becky" and your family and for the strength to get through this difficult time.