Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ten Pound Tuesday- Do Over

How did your first week go?

I hope it was an awesome week and you saw some success on the scale. My friend, the "other" Becky in England, lost 2 pounds this week. Way to go Becky! Your blog comment showed up at just the time I needed some inspiration. I was already feeling ready to quit, and reading your email helped me refocus. Thank you!

Did you ever yell, "Do Over" as a kid? Whenever we dropped the dice on the floor during a game, or missed a shot during a game of "Pig" we always yelled, DO OVER!

Well, this week I'm declaring a do over for myself. I started Tuesday and Wednesday so motivated by this challenge. And then...

My daughter got sick, I got sick, my back went out again, hormones were raging....and I have many other excuses I won't bore you with. All week I kept saying, "All these people are paying attention now. I've got to get myself together!" But I didn't and I don't know why.

And then I weighted myself this morning. I do not have a great weight loss to report. Quite the opposite. I have a weight GAIN to report. 2 pounds. Ouch. This was anything but a stellar week.

But this morning as I'm thinking it all through, I'm thinking maybe it is a good thing for me to have a rough start. I'm hoping if any of you had a rough start, too, you won't give up and you'll just cry "do over" with me.

It's real life and losing weight is not easy. I want lasting change, so I need to look at my failures just as much as I do at my successes and ask, "Why?"

Here's what went wrong this week:

1. Thinking I've been doing this for so long now I can "keep track of it all in my head."

Yeah, that's what I thought about Natural Family planning after my first daughter was born. Ummm...we have two daughters who are only 13 months a part, so you can figure out how well I did with that! : )

2. Using food for comfort. I did not feel well this week hormonally and physically. I still don't. I have to find other ways to deal with that instead of comfort carbs.

3. No movement or exercise.

4. No water. I lived on coffee and Diet Pepsi this week. I'm not sure if this affected my weight loss, but I'm sure it isn't healthy.

Here are my goals for this week:

1. Detailed Food Journal. I cannot keep track of it in my head. It is too easy to cheat that way. I will be recording everything and planning ahead.

2. My back is hurt, but feeling slightly better today. I think some walking will do me good.

3. Water before caffeine

Here's to a better week for me! And a successful DO OVER. : )

Just because I had a rough week, doesn't mean you did. Any celebrations out there?

1. How did it go?

2. What challenges did you face? How did you handle them, good or bad?

3. Any goals for this week?

Feel free to answer any or none of these. I'm so thankful for all of your support. Don't forget to cheer each other on and visit the blogs of those who have them.

Here's me cheering you on:

Keep going! You can do it! : )

BTW- My prayer book isn't here yet. I'm hoping maybe today. I'll start blogging about that when it gets here.

Anyone watching Biggest Loser with me tonight? Go team Abby! : )


J said...

What a great perspective! It's so important to not give up or get discouraged in this marathon you are running! Great job. I, unfortunately, am needing to drop out of this race. I've got surgery coming up in a couple of weeks. But I'll be cheering you on anyway!

Em said...

I did great this week! My main goal was to watch my portion sizes. Feeding two babies can make you feel like you are hungry constantly, and I want to listen to my body, but not over do it and eat too much! I lost 3 lbs! It's great, but at the same time, I don't want to be eating too little either, so I guess this week my goal will be trying to balance it all out. My struggle is definitely with portion size. I cook and eat pretty healthy foods, but I want to eat 10 servings LOL. Ok, maybe not 10. Thanks for the encouragement Becky! We're on our way, and I'm going to try keeping track of what I eat in a journal too, I think that'd help me out a lot! Love ya!

Heidi said...

Can I also call a do-over?! lol
I have had a rough week with sick kids. My little girl is going on day 5 of high fevers. It had even gotton to 104.8!! The littlist babe got it after her and was over it in under two days, so my stress level right now is super high and am full of worry knowing that my little girl is getting worse. The dr office is giving me the fricken run around! They have 3 appts open each day(that they won't book) but it is basically the lotto! You have to be the first three callers right at 8:00 on the nose to get them. With all of this stress, I've done nothing! I hate to admit it, but yes, I have done nothing (nothing but ranting right now I guess)!

I agree with J. You have a great perspective and you are very encouraging! I am so glad to be doing this challenge with you. I hope to have some better results to check in with next week! I know I can do this, because I lost 7 pounds last month! So, here's to (insert wine glass here), a better week of commitment, movement, no excuses and progress!!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there - Becky and Heidi - Do overs are okay - just don't give up - you can do it.

Way to go Em!!!

This week might be a "hold my own" (don't gain or lose) week. We are going away for four days of "holiday" as they say here in the UK - vacation for us Texans. I'm not going to let it get out of hand, but we are going over to France for one day (ahh - pains au chocolat!!). So, I will accept if I don't lose any this week.

Hang in there!! We can do this! Great attitude, Becky.

Take care,
The other Becky
PS - I hope and pray that Becky, Heidi and all your kiddos are much better or will be soon.

Mama Mimi (Dana) said...

Hi Becky,

I commented on the original Ten Pound Tuesday post so anyone who is interested in who I am and a little about me can go there. I'm starting a week later than most you aren't behind me in anyway. Good luck everyone, congrats Em and the other Becky and hang in there Becky and Heidi. Things will be lookin' up. Oh by the way, I didn't post that I am the oldest one here. I'm 53 so you'll have to give me a break. Talk about slow metabolism. Menopause really messes with you. LOL Love and prayers to you all.

MRiehl said...

A Do-Over sounds great. I spent all week thinking of what to do instead of doing it. Eating healthy is good for me and usually easy, but thinking about what I'm eating all the time backfires with me. So I got the 30 Day Shred to be sure I am exercising, then will re-do food thinking a little later. We don't have a scale because my husband gets a bit obsessive with himself (seriously checks it 20 times a day! and I would, too!) so I just go based on how my clothes fit. This week I put away all maternity clothes, so that is a start!