Thursday, October 2, 2008

Book Club Coming Soon

I plan on beginning the book Faithfully Fit on October 20th. I'm hoping that some of you will join me for an online book club.

Here's an excerpt from the back cover:

Faithfully Fit is not a diet, not an exercise plan. it won't
tell you how much you ought to weigh or what your heart rate should be or how many miles you should walk to burn up three cookies and a slice of cheesecake. It offers no quick fixes or miracle cures.

Instead, Faithfully Fit offers motivation, encouragement, and inspiration
to help you change from the inside out-the only kind of change that lasts.

Pray about doing this with me. Each day I'll journal on here about what I read, and then I'm hoping those of you who are reading along with me will have a conversation in the comments section about your response to what you read. I think we can have a lot of fun with this and support each other along the way.

I wanted to let you know early so you can get a copy of the book. I have the 1991 edition that I will be using, but there is a new 2007 revised edition available. I'm hoping they aren't too different if you buy the new version. I think all that changed was the front cover, but it is OK if they are different in some ways. That will just add to the conversation. You can order the old one for as cheap as .75 cents on but both versions are available on and other places.

I'll write more about the book club later and how its going to work. For now, just get the book. : )


Sally said...

I found you through Works for me wednesday link. I also have been praying about how to lose weight and I felt like God told me I first needed to be faithful in my daily devotions then work on everything else. I am going to try to find this book. Hopefully I will be able to start with you on the 20th.

Renee Douglas said...

I also found you through WFMW. I had that book in my Amazon shopping cart for a couple of months, but haven't bought it yet. I will buy it and join your book club. It will be good to have someone to climb this mountain with.

Your story sounds so much like my own. Up and down, over and over. I just had my 3rd baby in December. I lost some weight initially, but have been carrying around about 25 lbs that just won't budge without some serious change.

I'm praying that God will use this book and book club to prompt some permanent life changes with my health habits and weight.

Thanks for sharing your journey.

Becky said...

Sally and Renee,
I'm so happy to have you join me. It will be wonderful to be able to pray for each other and support each other. I'm looking forward to getting started.


Renee Douglas said...

I just ordered my book and I'm ready to get started!