Monday, October 27, 2008

Starting a New Week: Point of View Day One

Boy, weekends are tough on a diet, huh? : )

It was interesting for me to see myself slip into old behaviors over the weekend. I stopped writing down what I ate, I went out to eat and had to deal with wanting to eat more than I really needed, and I started to feel the discouragement that comes from perfectionism. I'm back on track today, but I want to think a lot about what went wrong this weekend and plan to be more successful next weekend. I want to be ready for it ahead of time.

Random Observations From Last Week:
  • I need to keep my fridge and pantry stocked with good choices. Part of went wrong this weekend was lack of groceries and I ate what was available.
  • I eat in front of the computer too much and don't taste what I'm eating
  • I sit too much during the day. I want to incorporate more movement into my day, not just formal exercise.
  • The exercise I did get in Friday through Sunday felt wonderful! But I get this weird emotion about feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I have to KEEP exercising and watching what I'm eating even thought it feels so good to be doing these things. I need to focus on each day at a time instead of being overwhelmed by the long term.
  • Surrender on a daily basis, even meal by meal basis, is a must. I have to keep coming to the Lord to reteach me how to be healthy.
  • God wants to work in these areas of my heart: needing approval, anxiety, and perfectionism.

Here's What I Loved From Today's Reading:

The second week of meditations, therefore, concentrates on seeing ourselves and our struggle with food from God's point of view. (pg. 53) I'm looking forward to seeing what I learn as I look at this from His perspective.

We can view our daily struggle with overeating as a tedious, difficult, boring inconvenience that robs us of pleasure. Or we can make the conscious choice to view it as a physical and spiritual challenge through which God is giving us an opportunity to grow in our knowledge and trust of him. (pg. 56) What an "ah-ha" for me! How I choose to view this struggle is important. It's tough to have to deal with this, but God will use it for good if I let Him. The ongoing need to come to Him for help is a good thing, too. It makes me seek Him.

Here's How I'm Doing:

Weight lost this week: -1.5 lbs. (I think...I'm not sure exactly where I started last week, might be more like 1 lb)
Weight lost since beginning of book club: -1.5 lbs.
My goal is to lose 50 lbs. I've lost this much so far: 12.5 lbs.

How are things going for you? Any insights from this reading? Any challenges?

Praying for you!


Sally said...

Weekends were not good for me either. One of the things that I took was the positivity. I am usually a pretty positive person. At work all last week a few of us girls kept reminding each other to be positive when we get stressed. Just that helps so much.

One thought that occured to me is that God has already won the ultimate battle, he conquered the devil. He can certainly help me with weight loss. I have to remember that because it is very powerful to me.

I want to lose a total of 60 lbs. But I get overwhelmed by this goal. So I broke it down, all I'm concentrating on right now is 8 lbs during this 6 weeks. That is a much more doable goal.

Renee Douglas said...

I am so happy with how well the first week went. I lost 4 lbs, I can't believe it! I did really well cutting back on my portion size, no sugar, fewer and healthier snacks. Unfortunately, fitting exercise into my day has been really difficult. All three of my small (10 month, 3 yr old, and 6 yr old) children have been sick with bronchitis! Yuck! The baby has been so fussy and clingy - I just haven't been able to escape except to run to the drugstore or grocery store after Steve gets home. Anyway, everyone should be feeling better soon, so hopefully I'll be able to start exercising more frequently. I really enjoy reading all of your blog entries and everyone's comments. It's nice to do this together.

sally a said...

I had an interesting conversation with my hairdresser today. She is a darling little Oriental lady, all of about maybe 100 lbs. (We are so much a product of our culture). She said she hates sweets (my love--next to God and my family). She never had them as a child and when she came to America they were gross to her--even candy and especially chocolate. Needless to say, she has no problem with holidays. I asked her what she ate when she wanted a treat. She looked at me funny like the thought of eating for a treat was a strange concept. How much easier life would be if I looked at food as fuel, instead of fun and comfort. American kids are doomed their first birthday when we give them their own little cake and let them dive in. It's all downhill from there. :)