Monday, October 20, 2008

Surrender- Day One

Faithfully Fit Book Club
Kick-Off Day

When I picked October 20th as the start date for this book club, it seemed so far away. It came quickly, and I'm excited!

I was really nervous last night before I went to bed. Thinking about the hard work ahead was much harder than actually beginning this morning. I've been doing the supportive eating today and paying attention to serving sizes. I've also been drinking water and writing down what I'm eating and drinking in a food journal. Eating this way feels good. I usually struggle to get fruit and vegetables into my diet, but because the fibrous carb is scheduled into my eating, I've already had a can of V8 juice, eaten carrots from our garden, had fresh salsa with pita chips, and I'm munching on an apple right now. That's a big nutritional improvement for me and it is still early afternoon.

But starting a diet change is nothing new to me. I'm much more excited about what I read today in the book. For those of you still waiting for your books to come in the mail, this week's devotions are all based on the theme of surrender.

It is funny how God often talks to me in themes. Once He picks a theme He wants to get my attention about, it is everywhere. The topic of surrender has come up in so many areas of my life, not just this weight loss journey. I wrote on my main blog last night about how I had to surrender our adoption process to Him and trust Him to do what seems impossible. Keeping weight off long term seems impossible to me, too.

Here's some things from the reading that stood out to me:

"Surrender is not a one-time thing; it is an ongoing process." (pg. 27)

This was a good reminder for me. I think God allows us to struggle through things sometimes so we will keep coming to Him. We need that relationship with Him and so in my life one of the things that keeps me praying and seeking Him is this issue with my weight.

"I'm only giving back to you the works of your own hand. You designed me and you made me to use in your own way." (pg. 28- from Claire's song, "White Flag")

He designed this body so it makes sense that I should be asking Him how to take care of it and to ask for the help to do it His way.

The affirmation: "Jesus is the source of my health and my healing." (pg. 30)

Lasting change will only come from allowing Jesus to change me and to not be turning to worldly wisdom for the help I need.
1. Would you introduce yourself to me if you are reading along with me? It is totally fine if you want to remain anonymous when you comment. I'd just like to hear from you so I can pray for you and we can get to know each other and cheer each other on. Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to read this book.

2. In the book today it said:
"If you have decided to use the buddy system as you go through the next six weeks, try to get together today....During your time together, express hopes, fears, expectations. Talk about your goals and plans."
What about you? hopes...fears...expectations...goals...plans?

3. Any quotes from the book that stood out to you?

God bless your efforts today. Thanks for supporting me!
: )


Sally said...

My name is Sally. I am very excited to read this book. I wrote today about my struggles with dieting and where I am now. Surrender is hard for me. One of my fears is that I will fizzle out like I do with all "diets". I am hoping to get on a regular schedule that I am able to stick to. The one thing that stuck out to me is the definition of surrender. I am really working on that today.

Sally A said...

My name is Sally too, so I'll be Sally A. My goals: to grow spiritually in the next 42 days, grow leaner and healthier physically, to be able to run again without damaging my joints, and to finally learn how to be relaxed and thin at the same time, have fun and be thin at the same time, celebrate, play cards, go to a movie, travel, camp and still be thin at the same time. That is, I want to do all these things without food being their constant companion.

Renee Douglas said...

My name is Renee. This is what I wrote in my journal today. "Wow. I really do have a mixture of feelings about starting this journey. Hope - I know that with God's help I can do this. I'm feeling great as I start out today - I have eaten really well, I've exercised, I feel full of energy. The realist in me knows that although today has been "easy," there will be days when I will have awful cravings, am tempted to eat too much or the wrong things out in social situations, and will become disappointed when I don't see the scale moving as fast as I think it should. I am confident that in 40 days I will see some positive changes. However I am worried about day 41. What will come next? Will this become a permanent lifestyle change or a temporary 6-week fix? I going to choose to surrender: today, the difficult days ahead, and the days that come after I finish the book. God knows what all of these days will hold, as long as I am surrendered to him, he will give me the joy and the strength to do this."

Daiquiri said...

Hey Becky! I don't have the book, but I'll be following along through your blog. Your eating is inspiring me! I have tons of fruit in the house right now, but what did I have for breakfast? A slice of cold pizza. There were some veggies on it...does that count? :)

As for goals, fears, etc...

My goal is to get in good shape and run a 10K (run - no walking). I really had fun doing the 5K this past weekend, and now I'm hooked.

Fears? Anxiety? I think my biggest one is that the weight will not come off now that I've weaned the baby. In my mind, I've been telling myself that my body was holding on to some padding because I was nursing him...but now? No excuses! It's just me, my procrastination when it comes to exercise and my cold pizza for breakfast. Dang.

I love how you're working through this issue in faith. Fitness hasn't ever really been something I pray about or ask for help with. So silly! Thanks for the reminder that we are (every part of us) his and that he cares and can help in this issue.

I learn something new from you every day :)

Sally A said...

Dang is right Daiquiri--I didn't even make it through my first day. I did so well until I didn't get dinner until about 8:00 and afterwards I had a 100 calorie popcorn ball. I figured it was a nice light little dessert--then I had two more. The heck with having a little sugar--I'm going cold turkey. I do not have power over sugar. I know God does, but I believe even he wants it out of my diet. I'll do some more praying about it, but I think the sugar had got to go.

sally a said...

has got to go