Saturday, October 25, 2008

You Inspired Me!!! : )

Yippee!! I exercised! And I owe it all to your comments. I kept thinking about Sally getting up early to go to the gym, Marisa's kickboxing class, Mom spending so much time outside, Daiquiri running a 5K, and Renee getting her 20-30 minutes of exercise in every day. You all inspired me. So, I'm sorry I didn't blog yesterday, but it really is your fault you know. I was too busy exercising to sit in front of the computer. : )

As I was reading through all of your comments yesterday about needing to get outside more, I suddenly realized, "Why am I sitting here? My husband is home, I could go outside RIGHT NOW." So, I hurried and got some sweats on and went for a nice long walk.

There's nothing like a walk by yourself outside to give you time to be introspective and to pray. God showed me quite a bit during that walk. I just love how this time I might be losing weight, but I'm also learning so much about myself and what has caused this weight problem in the first place.

Then last night instead of the usual movie at home, our family used a free pass we were given to the local ice rink. More exercise! It was so much fun! (I'm not sure if my husband would agree). : )

Then this morning, I got a call from Daiquiri and she said, "You have no excuse. Your husband is taking care of the baby and you are going for a run/walk with me." We had so much fun. I feel more alive than I've felt in a year. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

All of the exercise did bring up a challenge though. Appetite.

After all of the extra activity, I wanted to eat more. I think my body always wants to make up the deficit. "She's burning calories. I need to get it back." I really struggled with it last night and ended up eating more than I should have eaten. My first reaction was very typical of me. I started to get mad at myself and doubt my ability to do this and to get really discouraged. That made me eat more. Finally, I stopped myself and said, "I have to do this different this time."

I thought about the devotion yesterday about the resources available to me through prayer. All of the resources of heaven and the power that raised Christ from the dead is available to me to stop overeating. I started praying because I knew the typical me would have woken up this morning and been tempted to give up, all because of just one little slip up. I'm such a perfectionist!

Like I said in an earlier post, I'm having to start over and have Him reteach me how to eat and think about my body. So I asked him, "How do I keep from being starving after exercise." Here's some of what I'm trying:

- Not to forget to fill up with water because my body might be acting hungry when it is really thirsty
- Eat some protein and carbs immediately after exercising
- Fill up on veggies. The carrots from our garden are still awesome and are my lifeline right now.

Here's some favorite things from the reading for Day Five and Day Six:


I pray that you will begin to understand how incredibly great his power is to help those who believe him. It is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead" (Ephesians 1:18-20 LB).

Why then do I live like I am spiritually bankrupt? Why do I continue to struggle with my compulsive eating when every weapon in God's spiritual arsenal is waiting to come to my defense? Why do I flounder and fret and accept defeat when every ounce of God's power is charged and ready to kick into action at my command? (pg. 41)


Why is there such therapeutic value in giving God our worries? because tension, stress, and anxiety feed our compulsions. If we happen to be overeaters, they trigger our overeating. But compulsive behavior decreases in direct proportion to the growth of our faith. The worries we trust God to handle cannot act as fuel to our compulsions. An attitude of relaxed faith encourages sane eating habits. (pg. 44)

That is so me! Anxiety is a big issue for me. I'm praying over that one! : ) And I've got a God box made that I'm going to be using just like Frank. : )

Hope you are all having a great weekend. What insights, favorite quotes are you thinking over this weekend?


sally a said...

Yippe, I missed having this this morning--I'm so glad it is here at lunch time. But, don't stress over it, I'd rather have you outside. We can live a day without your inspiration--we sometimes don't comment, so it is only fair that you can choose not to submit every day. Anyway, because of my knee surgury my excercize is just cleaning my house, and standing. I don't let myself sit down all morning until lunch. Then I take a break at about 3:00. After dinner I can sit all I want. I didn't believe at first that one hour of standing burns as much calories as a half hour of some other "excercize", but the scale is going down, and my appetite isn't going up, so I'm gradually becoming a believer. In six weeks I can begin some real excercize. I think it is really important, especially at my age, to stay strong and flexable. Also, I am LOVING the Core plan on Weight Watchers. I don't know why I didn't like it earlier. It has to be all the Holy Spirit and that amazing power that raised Jesus from the grave!

Sally said...

I am so glad that you guys had good weekends. I fell back into the regular traps that I had been doing all along. The idea hit me that if I post my food journal online it would help me. So I began doing that. Check out my blog for more info, but I will still be commenting over here, I like reading all the comments,it does help me stay on track usually.

Becky said...


I had a hard time with the weekend, too. I'll be over to check out your blog later today.

Anonymous said...

HEy Becky! Just waving hello.. it was a tough weekend for me. We had party after party this weekend which made staying on track tough. I love social gatherings but it was sure easy to eat more than I needed. After a busy weekend, I am back on track today! I started the morning with step class and I feel good. :) Glad to hear that you were out enjoying the weather.. wasn't it a beautiful weekend?!